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Selfie Groupie Infused Pre-Roll Review by Buddy

Buddy smokes a Groupie Infused Pre-Roll and talks about other products from Selfies. Such as their main product, Selfie's mini pre-rolls, they come in a 2 pack for $8 bucks and 12 pack for $50 out the door.

They come in a variety of strains, such as Superglue, The Lime, Violet Ice, and more. Selfie's also carries, Selfie Nuggets, which is one eighth of top shelf flower, which comes in Kush Cake, Wedding Pie, and Wookies!

Stop by Green Gold in San Andreas and pick some selfies today!

We are open every day till 7pm.

Running late?

Get a curbside till eight!

Call before seven pm and get your order in by the time we close and pick it up in the parking lot before eight pm.

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