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Medical Benefits

If you have your medical cannabis card, you can sign up as a medical patient. Just bring your medical card and I.D. into the store.

Some of the benefits of having a medical card:

-  10% off every time you visit

(Not combinable with sales discounts)

- 15% off when you renew your medical card

- You can buy up to eight ounces of flower per day

(Recreational users can only buy one ounce per day)

Don't have a medical card, but want to get one?

Visit one of the sites below to get started!

Medical Consultation

Online Medical Card $19.99

If You Think Medical Marijuana Can
Improve Your Quality of Life,
You Should Be Able to Access it.

Get your card in 10 minutes!

Smiling Doctor Sitting Behind Desk

Green Leaf Care

Get your medical marijuana card online in minutes, buy cannabis the same day, only pay if approved! Trusted by thousands of patients for over 10 years.

Doctor Diagnosis

Online Medical Card $20.00

Get Access To Medical Cannabis In 10 Minutes

Fill A Simple And Basic Information To Get StartedIf you're not approved, you don't pay!